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#JUSTDIFFERENT 🚗💨 . I really didn’t think being apart of this iBuumerang business opportunity could get any more simple and financially rewarding, but this new addition makes things quite insane. . iBuumerang (launched in March) is already one of the fastest growing companies in the world and has a very simple (at home) business model involving no selling, but yet the opportunity to acquire lifetime customers at absolutely no charge to the customers. They actually save money by being your customer. . BUT THIS [ new addition ] - VibeRides takes this opportunity to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.. 🚀🚀🚀 . This Friday I will be in Florida participating in the launch of the most Epic business opportunity I’ve come across, “VibeRides”! . A new RideShare company that is backed by Uber & Lyft. Basically what this means is that as VibeRide grows, it will take time for there to be enough drivers to meet the demand, so Uber & Lyft will be offering their services to our Riders (within our app) if there are no drivers around when they search. Riders will be able to choose the RideShare they prefer if there are no Vibe drivers available. . Why would Uber & Lyft do this? It’s called Coopetition: collaboration between business competitors, in the hope of mutually beneficial results. . 👉🏼BUT here is how VIBE RIDE will be DIFFERENT ... it has some really cool features that will be available as the company grows, such as Ladies being able to request “Female driver only” and vice-versa for lady drivers. . Features like this may take some time as the first priority is to connect a driver with a rider in timely fashion. With that being said, there are many cool features that will be announced this Friday at the launch! So stay tuned! . . VibeRide alone is in my opinion by far the most simple and biggest financial opportunity you could ever get the chance to participate in. . 👉🏼 I highly encourage you take a look at the flyer to the right to truly get a grasp at the financial upside this opportunity presents! . •\\ S W I P E - L E F T // •


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No brainer!! 🤯


So excited for this!! Flying down on Friday for the launch, let’s do this 🔥👏🏼


I am so excited for this opportunity 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Hi! Let's collab. Let us send you free jewelries to feature. DM us now.




Can’t wait for this!! It’s huge!!

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